Cabinas Capulin & Farm

Peaceful and beautiful setting in the Monteverde.

Cabinas Capulin & Farm – Monteverde

If you are looking for a peaceful and beautiful setting in the Monteverde region in which to relax, immerse yourself in nature, watch spectacular sunsets, enjoy the fresh mountain air, walk through beautiful cloud forests, and experience life on a small family-run farm, Cabinas Capulin and Farm is the place for you. Located just outside of the town of Santa Elena, Cabinas Capulin and Farm offers 9 beautiful wooden cabins on a family-run farm, surrounded by spectacular cloud forest, beautiful gardens, coffee fields and views of the Nicoya gulf. All cabins have private bathrooms, comfortable beds, wi-fi, and terraces or balconies for birdwatching and relaxing. Some cabins also have kitchens for those interested in cooking their own meals. More info.

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Children under 12 years old pay free.

Vista House and Farm

  • Occupancy:7 Persons
  • # of Beds, Double: 3
  • # of Beds, Single: 1
  • Size: 89 sqm
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Cabin 3

  • Occupancy:4 Persons
  • # of Beds, Double: 1
  • # of Beds, Single: 2
  • Size: 33sqm
  • View: Gulf View
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Cabin 4

  • Occupancy:5 Persons
  • Free Wi-Fi: Yes
  • # of Beds, Double: 1
  • # of Beds, Single: 3
  • Size: 33sqm
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Farm Tour

Our trails and tours lead you to our small cow barn, our current vegetable gardens, besides our coffee and sugar cane plantations…
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“I recently led a study abroad field course of university students to Costa Rica, and Cabinas Capulin hosted us all in Monteverde for 3 nights. We stayed in multiple cabins, and the instructors stayed in Cabin #8 (large cabin for a big family – amazing views). I’d definitely return there with my family as well.


“My wife, our 1 year old daughter, and I stayed in cabin #4 for 5 nights. We were greeted with rainbows and an excellent view of the Gulfo de Nicoya. Anibal and his family were very welcoming, full of good information about where to hike, see birds, eat in town, and other options.


Birds, Wildlife and a Farm

Monteverde is famous for its biodiversity, within the natural resources birds are part of a large group with around 400 identified species, of which 20% are migratory species. This has made the area famous for bird watching, especially for iconic species such as the Resplendent Quetzal and the Bellbird.

In Cabinas Capulín & Farm our guests can enjoy a perfect place for bird watching with combination of open areas and forest and a farm of more than 14 hac with trails than facilitates both hiking and bird watching. Our forest is connected to the larger protected areas and works as biological corridor for birds and many other species.

Monteverde, Cloud Forest

National Geographic described the Monteverde Cloud Forest as a ‘jewel in the crown of Cloud Forest Reserves’, and it is the most famous its type. There are roughly 9,000 species of plants in Costa Rica, with approximately 3,000 growing in the Monteverde Forest. The complex eco-system is also home to over 100 mammal species, 400 types of bird and thousands of insect species. Cabinas Capulin & Farm is located in a perfect location between the Monteverde and the Santa Elena Reserve two of the largest and most known protected areas.

Monteverde houses 2.5% of worldwide biodiversity.

  • 10% of its flora is endemic.
  • Costa Rica represents the 0.03% of the landmass of the planet and has the 5% of the Biodiversity of the world.
  • One of the best examples of sustainable tourism that you can experience.
  • You can step on the Continental Divide, where one foot will be on the Caribbean side and the other on the pacific side (fun to take a picture with a friend, each in one side)

Top 4 features of Monteverde

Hike into the cloud forest

While there are tons of great activities to do in Monteverde, just going for a simple hike through the cloud forest is spectacular in itself. There are numerous well-maintained and easy-to-walk trails throughout each of the reserves. Most trails range from one to three miles (one to five kilometres), and there are both self-guided and guided hiking tours available. Walking through the cloud forest is a magical experience.

Go bird watching

Monteverde is home to 400 species of birds, and the best place to go on a bird watching tour on any of the reserves. On a professionally guided tour, you will have the opportunity to see some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful birds, including the keel-billed toucan, resplendent quetzal, orange-bellied trogon, and the blue-crowned motmot, as well as a variety of hummingbirds and other species.

Hanging bridges

Walking the treetop suspension bridges is an incredible way to experience the cloud forest. There are several companies that offers walks through the canopy of the forest on suspension bridges. This bird’s eye view opportunity is a great way to see monkeys, sloths, birds, and beautiful plant life from above. Most tour will take about two-and-a-half hour leisurely nature walk is like walking through a beautiful forest fantasy.

Night Walks

Around 80 percent of the animals in Monteverde are nocturnal. For this reason, a cloud forest night walk is an incredible way to experience the wonderful wildlife of the region. You will walk through the cloud forest with a professional guide who will point out all sorts of wildlife. Experiencing the forest this way offers a totally unique perspective. It is likely that you will see wildlife that you have never seen before and would not have the chance to see during the day.

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