Farm Tour

This farm has been in the family since 1954. For over 45 years the farm was exclusively dedicated to dairy farming. Our father and grandfather have always worked aside with all kinds of vegetable gardens which are an essential part and tradition within Costa Rican farm life.

As the family grew in number and age, the new generation got involved in jobs and activities outside of the farm. However the love and connection of farm life was inevitable therefore a family business was started, Cabinas Capulin. Like any other family business, the growth and learning process has been slow but steady- challenges are faced with optimism and support.

Current land use in Monteverde has lost many farms; therefore our goal is to keep this important and essential aspect as well as tradition through our cabins. When you stay in our cabins, besides being our especial guests you also become part of the farm. How so? By experiencing the farm life. Our trails and tours lead you to our small cow barn, our current vegetable gardens and a small hydroponic garden, besides our coffee and sugar cane plantations. By joining us and learning what we do, you support and embrace our efforts to continue a farm life.

We encourage you, as our especial guests, to walk through our trails with no additional cost at all. However, if you would like a historical and detailed tour with hands-on experience, then we invite you to join our farm tour for a low additional fee! We highly encourage you- you’ll meet more of our family!