Why visit Monteverde?

With its mysterious cloud forests, stunning vistas, diverse tourist attractions, Monteverde is truly one of Costa Rica’s most remarkable destinations. Whether you are interested in hiking beautiful cloud forest trails, observing resplendent quetzals and three-wattled bellbirds, doing on a night walk to spot sloths and other wildlife, riding horses through the gorgeous countryside, visiting a butterfly garden, learning about coffee and agricultural production on local farms, or experiencing the thrill of flying through the air on the region’s famous ziplines, Monteverde is the place for you. The region has a diverse set of  exciting and unique tourist attractions and will appeal to all types of travelers, from backpackers looking for adventure, to nature-lovers wanting to explore the cloud forest and its rich biodiversity, to families interested in cultural and education activities, to couples wanting a romantic getaway. Monteverde has so much to offer, that you will want to stay here for several days or maybe even forever!

Monteverde is also a unique destination because of the region’s commitment to sustainable development, conservation and ecotourism. Many of the hotels and tourist attractions are locally-owned, promote the use of green practices, and support conservation efforts. In addition, much of the region’s agriculture is organic or low-input, and many farmers have reforested their land to provide wildlife habitat and protect streams. By visiting Monteverde, you can help support these local efforts to achieve biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.