Things to do in Monteverde

  • Do a guided nature tour through the diverse cloud forest with an experienced, knowledgeable guide
  • Experience life on a farm, learning about coffee, vegetable, sugar and milk production, tasting home-grown coffee and traditional foods, and learning about campesino life with local farmers
  • Visit one of the region’s butterfly and insect gardens
  • Walk across hanging bridges and look down at the diverse, green cloud forest
  • Be adventurous and fly across the cloud forest on ziplines- or go canyoning through pristine waterfalls
  • Go on a coffee tour to learn about how coffee is grown, harvested and processed
  • Go on a guided night hike to search for sloths, tree frogs and other tropical wildlife
  • Ride a horse in the beautiful hills of Monteverde and soak in the beautiful views
  • Experience wildlife up close, by observing frogs at the Frog Pond, snakes at the local Serpentarium or bats at the local Bat Jungle
  • Savor the rich gastronomy of local restaurants serving traditional and international food
  • Visit the orchid garden to see a diverse array of orchid species
  • Relax at one of the local coffee shops, drinking Monteverde coffee
  • Visit local giftshops selling unique wooden and glass souvenirs
  • Take yoga or exercise classes while watching the sunset
  • Visit the local farmer’s market and taste fresh organic fruits and vegetables
  • … and much more

Just ask at our front desk (or send us an email) and we will be happy to provide more information on these activities. We are happy to help organize tours, guides, and transportation to any of these activities or places.